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Upside down question mark word

ALT 0 - ALT 31 and ALT 127 produces a range of whimsical graphical special characters and symbols from Code Page 437, such as the smiley face and heart symbol. In ASCII, codes 0-31 and 127 are for non-printable control characters associated with old teletype transmissions such as line feed (LF) and carriage return (CR).

Text symbols that are usual characters, but turned around. You can find here upside-down alphabet characters, spanish question and exclamation signs and other funny symbols..

AmbigramArt is a free online ambigram generator that can turn any word or string of letters into an ambigram within seconds. All you have to do is enter the word you want to be transformed into an ambigram into the provided text box, and press generates; AmbigramArt will have your personalized ambigram ready. Mark's Ambigram artwork is widely considered the most.

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The use of the upside down question mark. The upside down question mark is often used in texts for a number of purposes. This question mark is written as a symbol. It is common in many international languages. This sign is commonly used in the English language. This symbol as many other grammar symbols are used to give some meaning to a certain.

The upside down question mark is a must, not an option. You have to put it in the beginning of every question. Examples: ¿Cómo está usted? --> How are you? ¿Cómo te llamas? --> What's your name? About the: Hola, ¿cómo estás? <-- This is the right way. ¿Hola, cómo estás? is inconrrect.

It turns characters upside down 180°. We took a text flipper that could only turn text into small upside letters and advanced it. Our aboqe can flip all English letters, including any áccented ones as well as Cyrillic and Greek. Generate. Reverse ↺ 180°.

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